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inequality for dummies or the importance of equality and equivalence

Using several autonomous objects that represent a form of superior thinking, I want to infiltrate a counter-thought into our immediate environment. 

In our society, social and economic inequality - in visible and invisible ways - is deeply rooted. Therefore, in my work I point out the 

self- indulgence of power and the potentially resulting systems of oppression by touching on universal themes such as identity, gender, sexuality and race.


arrogance                                                      solid nut wood, nut wood veneer, gold leaf 240 x 60 x 20

privileged                                                       hand knotted in Morocco, 100% wool 202 x 291

the system is everywhere                             ink and acrylic on nut wood veneer 50 x 70 x 53

all people                                                       ink and acrylic on wood veneer 170 x 85 x 75   

it's a system, stupid                                       ink on A4 paper

how come you don't like my dick pic           acrylic on nut wood veneer 150 x 100 x 75

unequals                                                        gold leaf on solid douglas wood

hello happy otherness                                  hand knotted in Morocco, 100% wool 370 x 50           

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