In her latest work, Geke expresses her ideas about fluidity. With FLUIDITY she refers to a world in which everything mixes with each other. "Segregation slowly merges, there is a fluidity in cultures, in sexuality and in gender. However the more the designer immersed herself in the subject, the more she came to realize that fluidity does not exist without the prejudices and fears one has about the other.

Just as walls and street furniture are spray-painted with messages in graffiti and people have tattoos of symbols and expressions on their skin, Geke uses her architectural objects as canvases or more specifically as carriers of ideas. With this project, she hopes to stimulate the observer’s awareness, without judging it. "The global fluidity of cultures, religion, gender, sexuality, social status and skin colour makes the world a more colourful and diverse place. "With this project she aims to show the strength and vulnerability of fluidity.

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