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insta: gekelensink

+31 6 5020 7439


for all inquiries please contact my agent Manuela Klerkx:
+31 6 8135 2448

supported by Fondskwadraat


geke Lensink

After graduating from ArtEZ University of the Arts Geke Lensink (1963) soon established her name as an independent designer in Amsterdam. She has worked across a wide range of disciplines, and her clients include some prestigious brands spanning diverse sectors from exhibition design to industrial design To this day Geke has ongoing relationships with companies such as Cor Unum and Brothers and Sons. Her travels to non-western countries and cultures such as Kenya, Canada, Morocco, Turkey fueled her critical attitude towards arrogant western supremacy and inspired her to create objects that testify to a world in which different value systems and mutual recognition coexist and reinforce each other. 

Although she still works on commission, twelve years ago Geke expanded her professional practice with a more personal and narrative approach blurring the line between art and design.

‘Each object I make tells a story based on a personal memory or emotion, made tangible through a combination of my western background as an artist, my position as a human being and collaborative forms of art with people from different cultures.’


geke lensink

based in Amsterdam

1982 - 1988 ArtEZ Institute of the Arts


exhibitions (selection)


'(re)Discoveries'  art show curated by Manuela Klerkx, Loods 6 Amsterdam

'A Chair and You'  private collection of Thierry Barbier-Mueller in Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (MUDAC) - Lausanne

Het Parcours  'Intangible Materialism'  at Charles Gallery and Stadssalon - Amsterdam

Big Art - Zaandam / Amsterdam

'Vorm aan de Vecht' a special architectural heritage in a new perspective with contemporary art and design at Buitenplaats Doornburgh - Maarssen



'Between No Longer and Not Yet' at Kazerne Gallery - Eindhoven

Big Art - Zaandam / Amsterdam

'An Irregular Future' at Adorno Gallery - London

Het Parcours  'In Need of an Observer' at Jurriaan Gallery and Stadssalon - Amsterdam



Het Parcours  'Woven Identities' at Stadssalon - Amsterdam

Het Parcours   'Humble Design' at Binnenkant Gallery - Amsterdam


'SOUVENIR /'  Salone del Mobile - Milan

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