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2022 het parcours

intangible design 

artists: Audrey Large, Cameron Platter, Gabriel Lester, Geke Lensink, Lakin Ogunbanwo, Rive Roshan,           Supertoys Supertoys, Théophile Blandet


Intangible Design is an exhibition of designers and artists bridging design and art. 

Two 17th-century canal houses will be opened to the public for the occasion: Against this historical background in the heart of Amsterdam, a group of eight designers and artists will question the concept of design on the theme of Intangible Design. After all, isn't design about more than questions of design and functionality? 

'Intangible Design' is an exciting encounter between the visible world of matter and the immaterial world of creativity that stretches the boundaries between art and design. 


The theme 'Intangible Design' stems from the growing awareness that we live in a rapidly changing world where thought processes may have more value than making processes. 

How can the world of design evolve along with it? How can you make artistic, formal, technical and social themes within the domain of design negotiable, and what can the worlds of design and art learn from or do for each other in this area? 

This edition of 'Het Parcours', curated by the participating designers and artists, seeks answers to these questions and challenges visitors in the process.


Stadssalon Herengracht, Charles Reguliersgracht, Amsterdam. 

projects: The Vow and Fragments

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