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2022 vorm aan de vecht


Vorm aan de Vecht in Buitenplaats Doornburgh. 


curated by Nicole Uniquole and Maarten Spruijt.


The exhibition Vorm aan de Vecht shows a selection of contemporary design, art, fashion and photography alongside the heritage of Buitenplaats Doornburgh. 

The Amsterdam's seventeenth-century elite built their country houses along the river Vecht to spend their summers outside the hot and smelly city. 

The cloister on the estate (build in 1964) features work by over 50 renowned designers, artists and photographers in a special combination of heritage and contemporary design.


The exhibition reflects on the special history of this country estate by putting it in a new light. It tells the story of the estate and through the historical and contemporary art and design it opens a surprising perspective on the future.


artist: Jan Taminiau, Stefan Scholten, Richard Hutten, Wieki Somers, Suzanne Jongmans, Lita Cabellut, Jan Noyons, Job Smeets, Jimmy Nelson, Jesse Visser, Esmé Hofman, Winnie Teschmacher, Danielle Kwaaitaal,

Aleksandra Gaca, Carla van de Puttelaar & Iris van Herpen and many more..


A number of jars of the Fragments project had been selected for this exhibition.

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