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Every project requires a carefully composed team that's why we work together with colleague designers, interns, clients, product developers and curators from different courses.


For several projects we teamed up with Jesse Visser designprojects. This collaboration has resulted in a large collection of furniture designs


and in collaboration with Burobraak (visual identity and graphic design) we have already developed a lot of exhibitions and stands.


Geke Lensink is art director for Brothers and Sons and Unicorn furniture parts.


statement design


After graduating from ArtEZ University of the Arts, Geke Lensink started working as an independent interior designer, setting up many exhibitions and stands for numerous clients. Twelve years ago, she decided to devote herself and the studio to designing furniture. 

Production has an enormous influence on the design. It determines the quality of design and the value of the product.

The reflections on material and production are made tangible in minimalist designs with bright colours, creating a balance between functionality and beauty. The use of natural materials and sustainability is a matter of course for Geke.

‘Developing a good product is a constant search for the right choices and the right combination of design, detailing, materials, production and pricing but the fun is in stretching the boundaries. The whole of a product challenges us to touch or to be touched.’

2021  Rotterdam Design District

2020  Amsterdam GLUE Brothers and Sons - Heinen Delfts Blauw

2019  Milan, Brothers and Sons in FULL COLOR at Masterly

2018  Rotterdam, Design District

2018  Paris, Heinen Delft Blue at Maison et Objet

2017   Milan, Salone del Mobile 'STURDY/ELEGANT' Brothers and Sons

2016   London, CLERKENWELL DESIGN WEEK  Brothers and Sons

2015   London, THE LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL Brothers and Sons

2015   Winner 'best product' Design District for the Alumni chair,

2014   Eindhoven Kazerne, DDW 'LOW MOTION' with Thomas Eurlings, 

Jesse Visser, Youasme / Measyou

2013   Milan, Salone del Mobile 'NEW DUTCH DESIGN' 

2013   Amsterdam, 'BETWEEN ART AND DESIGN' 

2013   Utrecht, Workshop of Wonder gallery 'DUTCH MATERIALISM' with Jesse Visser and  DUM

2012   Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week 'BASED IN AMSTERDAM'

2011   Stuttgart and Basel, group exhibition 

2010   Milan, Salone del Mobile VENTURA LAMBRATE with Jesse Visser

2010   Rotterdam, Vivid Gallery 'ARTIFACT

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