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‘I believe in the value of design that goes beyond that of a functional or aesthetic object.

The urgency of today’s design lies in its ability to contribute to the development of an intercultural society based on global fluidity.’


Geke Lensink believes in change through design. Taking inspiration from her travels to non western countries she increases awareness of global issues such as power, identity, gender and race. Her research is based on the meaning or the role of a designer in the development of an inclusive society. Educated at a ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem (The Netherlands) Geke’s identity as a designer is rooted in the minimalism and idealism of European modernism. In recent years, she increasingly felt the need to enrich and soften her visual language with narrative elements, graphic symbols and geometrical figures deriving from non-western cultures in order to broaden her, originally, western gaze.

By embracing different point of views, working processes and value systems from all over the world, her design objects show that global fluidity - or the exchange between different cultures and visions - is not only possible but even necessary.

Just as walls are spray-painted with critical messages in graffiti and people have tattoos to express their identity, Geke creates objects as carriers of her personal stories and ideas. By doing so, she emphasizes on the importance of creating a shift from being a Western-dominated world, based on increasingly outmoded approaches, to becoming a global world that meets with the issues of today’s changing realities in the field of power, identity, gender and race.

- Manuella Klerkx

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